Are we stuck in days of routine?

Do we not see how brightly the grass is colored green?

Can you take a second to watch the trees sway, if you become mesmerized.

Does the time fade away?

Does it become something less to be bound to?

More of a Constraint?

Does your time card say you are early or late?

You are never too late.

It would be as if I told you, clouds make mistakes.

I will leave mistakes for the others.

Cling to the idea that my life is my lover.

Let me be more clear in my direction.

The path you choose.

Is your expression.

There is no need for another persons correction.

We just do.

Neither right nor wrong.

It just the life path you are on.

Happiness to everyone… Enjoy the sojourn .


What if we used psychedelic’s in way to return people to their core values?

What if we had open dialogue about the uses and misuses of psychedelics?

What if we could see a doctor and decide for ourselves if this something we would like to explore more?

What if we used it as way to rid ourselves of other vices?

I am not a doctor I am an advocate of seeing the beauty in the world and I think we should be given the choice allow us to be curious and find out for ourselves.

Being told by someone else what is wrong or right to me sounds like dogma.



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